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Shenzhen XinZhanHong Technology Co., Ltd. 86-136-0044-7889
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China Shenzhen XinZhanHong Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen XinZhanHong Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen XZH Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2014. The company is strong and professional technical, with a perfect quality assurance system and advanced test-analyzed instruments. Our factory is a professional manufacturer for PCB. which is widely applicable to consumer electronics, telecommunication products, medical equipment, and Industrial. The Production was sold well in Europe and southeast Asia market. We offer one-stop services from schematic design, board layout, component sourcing, firmware design, and mechanical design to PCBA and chip cloning. Besides, We can also help you procure components as well as provide PCB FPC, assembly, packaging, and shipment services. In addition, our raw material and key components are sourced from famous suppliers such as Sharp, Toshiba, ST, ...

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